As we continue to work to advance self-government and support our communities, improving the health care system to meet the unique needs of our citizens is a key priority for the MNO, as is continuing to provide high-quality healing and wellness programs and services. 

You may have heard that the Canadian government, alongside the provinces and territories and together with Indigenous partners, is working to co-develop distinctions-based Indigenous health legislation in an effort to improve access to high-quality, culturally relevant health services. The MNO has been clear that the co-development of distinctions-based Indigenous health legislation must include the participation of the MNO in order to address the unique needs and circumstances of MNO citizens and communities.

In order to help inform its work on the health legislation, the MNO is conducting a survey on health needs and priorities. The input of our communities and citizens is important to the MNO participating in health-related discussions with Canada and Ontario; it’s also critical to the MNO continually developing and improving its own programs and services. As such, this survey is but one part of MNO’s ongoing process of gathering input from MNO citizens and communities on this important topic. We also wish to know how you would like to be engaged on an on-going basis as we continue the work to address your unique needs and the circumstances of our communities.

The MNO is hoping you will take the time to participate and have your voice heard. Your feedback will be used to prepare a summary report to inform MNO’s discussions with Canada. Only aggregate data that is completely anonymous will be used in any summary reports. MNO will ensure your personal information and experiences are not disclosed in the final report to the Canadian government. Your input will also help inform the ongoing development and improvement of MNO health programs and services, as well as the identification of key policy priorities from a health perspective.

In short, your participation will help the MNO continue its ongoing work toward having the best health outcomes possible for our Métis citizens.

Your participation in the survey is completely optional. If you wish to participate, there are two ways to do so (please choose one method below):

We ask that you complete the survey in full, but each question is optional. Please complete one survey only per household using one of the two methods above: paper or online.

Additional Information