By Hank Rowlinson, Manager of Community Relations

Bradley and Sylvest
(Left to right) Senator Helen Bradley, Dora MacInnis,
Treasurer of GBMC, Allen Vallee, President of GBMC,
Patricia Taylor, Women Representative for GBMC, John
Paradis, Councillor for the GBMC, Brenda Laurin, Chair
of the GBMC and Raymond Sylvest
On September 19, 2010, the Georgian Bay Métis Council (GBMC) celebrated Powley Day by paying tribute to Senator Helen Bradley OMC and Raymond Sylvest. It is fitting that on a day set aside to recognize the legacy of Steve Powley and his contributions to the Métis Nation that the friends and family of these founders of the GBMC and long-time members of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) gathered to celebrate and recognize their many contributions to the GBMC and the MNO.

Although unable to attend the celebration in person, MNO President Gary Lipinski and Past President Dr. Tony Belcourt both extended good wishes via phone conference. They expressed gratitude for all the work Senator Bradley and Mr. Sylvest had done to help build the GBMC and the MNO. The previous day, President Lipinski took time, while attending the Métis Rendezvous in Penetanguishene, to visit Senator Bradley in her home. He offered his congratulations and thanked her for her work at the community level, and her for determination that helped the MNO grow to where it is today.

Among the dignitaries attending the celebration were Simcoe North Member of Parliament Bruce Stanton, Member of the Provincial Parliament for Simcoe North Garfield Dunlop, Penetanguishene Mayor Anita Dubeau, GBMC President Allan Vallee, Senator Audrey Vallee, Regional Councilor Pauline Saulnier, MNO Community Relations Manager Hank Rowlinson as well as many members of the GBMC, who all took the opportunity to offer their best wishes and special thanks to Senator Bradley OMC and Mr. Sylvest.

Also during the celebration, Regional Councilor Pauline Saulnier presented both deserving volunteers with gifts on behalf of the MNO. Senator Bradley received an engraved glass award featuring a moose image and Mr. Sylvest a buffalo bone pen and a tobacco pouch. The GBMC presented both Senator Helen Bradley and Raymond Sylvest with traditional shadow boxes featuring the following poem:

Explore the Wonder
by Sandy Cavinee

The mystery of God’s creation unfolds along our way.
Never fully revealed to us, just pieces every day.
The earth, the sky, the oceans hold their secrets but show to man
How beautiful and mighty are God’s works and plan.
The greatest gift He gave us to share as here we dwell,
Are people just like you who know love so well.
And as we “explore the wonder” of what volunteering means,
The WONDER is your service you are the greatest theme!