Sharing Our Stories:
Pathways into and out of homelessness for Ontario Métis Youth

Are you currently (or ever have been) homeless and are between 16-29 years of age and a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario?*

This is your chance to share your story to shape our housing programs to better support other Métis youth in similar situations. As part of a Métis driven and run research project in collaboration with the University of Toronto, we are investigating youth homelessness among MNO citizens to shape our current programs and meet the needs of the youth utilizing them.

You will share your story over a series of 6-8, one-hour phone/Zoom calls at your convenience. You will receive a $20 gift card with each phone call, as well as an honorarium for your participation in our research study.

Make your story known to help the Métis Nation of Ontario better support our youth.

Please contact Carolyn Lacka (MNO citizen from region 8) and Sabastian Koprich (MNO citizen from region 6) for more information!

This study is funded by the Making the Shift Network with in-kind funding from the MNO.

The principal investigator of this study is Dr. Sarah Edwards, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and MNO Epidemiologist.

*Valid citizenship number is needed to participate. Your citizenship number will be collected and verified by the MNO registry.