To: MNO citizens, Community Councils, PCMNO

From: France Picotte, MNO Chair

Date: July 24, 2019

Subject: Proposed 2019 MNO AGA Special Business Resolutions

Click here to find all of the proposed 2019 MNO AGA Special Business Resolutions received by the MNO on or prior to the deadline previously posted. Due to the number of special resolutions received, please also find attached a table of contents with resolutions listed by name and date received.

These resolutions will be forwarded to the Resolutions Committee, which will be appointed at the beginning of the 2019 MNO AGA pursuant to MNO Policy #2011-002 (Process for Conducting Ordinary and Special Resolutions at a General Assembly).

Consistent with MNO Policy #2011-002, the Resolutions Committee will determine whether these proposed Special Business Resolutions are in compliance with the policy set by previous MNO AGAs, and can therefore be brought to the floor of the Assembly for a vote.