Submitted by MNO Historic Sault Ste. Marie Métis Council Secretary Stephen Gjos

Members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Liaison
Team meet with the MNO Historic Sault Ste. Marie Métis
Council (HSSMMC) on Jan. 23. Pictured are ( left to right)
Dan St Louis, MNO HSSMMC Vice-President John
Konawalchuk, OPP Const. Marilyn Cameron, MNO
HSSMMC Women’s Representative Shirley Loubert,
MNO HSSMMC Councilor Ken Figures, MNO HSSMMC
Treasurer Shari Smale, Provisional Council of the Métis
Nation of Ontario Region 4 Councilor Ernie Gatien, MNO
HSSMMC President Kim Powley, OPP Const. Francis
Endanawas, MNO HSSMMC Secretary Steve Gjos, MNO
HSSMMC Youth Representative Meagan Gjos, OPP Const.
Todd Showan and MNO HSSMMC Senator Brenda Powley.
Pictured in front are Memphis and Rayden. Click here to
view a larger version of this picture.

On Jan. 23, 2018, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Historic Sault Ste. Marie Métis Council (HSSMMC) met with members of the Ontario Provincial Police Provincial Liaison Team.

The team made a presentation to the council, providing information about its function and duties.

The liaison team provides a different approach to policing, ranging from relationship building and assisting with different Indigenous communities, to working with and mediating between stakeholders involved in protests.

The police team was formed following recommendations from the Ipperwash Inquiry.

The inquiry’s report, released on May 31, 2007, followed the death of Dudley George, who was shot by police during a protest by First Nations representatives at Ipperwash Provincial Park.

A total of 100 recommendations were made, aiming to improve relations among government, police and Indigenous people.

Published on Feb. 26, 2018.