Statement from MNO Chief Electoral Officer

Results of Special Assembly Ballot Box Vote

On June 17, 2023, the Métis Nation of Ontario (“MNO”) held a one-day, in-person Special Assembly to consider and vote on a Special Resolution to amend the MNO Bylaws and MNO Registry Policy as well as adopt the Citizen Removal Appeals Policy.

For context, the Special Assembly was called to follow through on the Registry Review process that was initiated in 2017. It was also based on the 2022 MNO AGA’s direction in resolution AGA220820-02 and the results of a province-wide Plebiscite where 71% of MNO citizens who cast a ballot voted in favour of removing MNO citizens with incomplete citizenship files.

A total of 538 MNO citizens registered and attended the Special Assembly. Of the 516 MNO citizens who cast a vote in the Ballot Box Vote, a total 455 citizens (88%) voted “In Favour” of the Special Resolution. A total of 59 MNO citizens voted “Opposed” to the Special Resolution. A total of 2 ballots were deemed “spoiled.”

These results of the Special Assembly vote satisfy the 2/3 majority vote requirement to amend the MNO Bylaws. As a result, the Special Resolution is therefore deemed approved.

Information on next steps will be outlined in a further communique issued by the MNO.

Yours truly,
Paul Devillers signature
Paul DeVillers
Chief Electoral Officer