On behalf of the Métis Nation of Ontario, I thank President Cassidy Caron for the work she has done for Métis people across our homeland. Under her leadership, President Caron has restored good governance and respect to the Métis National Council (MNC) while delivering on her commitment to building a transparent and accountable MNC. 

Her tireless advocacy on behalf of the Métis governments that comprise the MNC has been transformative. President Caron has worked to restore relationships with national Indigenous organizations and build awareness and understanding of the Métis Nation with other governments and institutions.

We are thrilled to congratulate President Caron on the wonderful news of her pregnancy. We wish her all the best as she prepares to welcome this new addition to her family.

President Caron’s strong ethical leadership has inspired Métis citizens, especially our young people, and has instilled a sense of pride and possibility for the future. Her legacy will continue to inspire us all as we move forward.

Margaret Froh
President, Métis Nation of Ontario