sycp on tvFrom left to right: Jordi Playne, Katelyn LaCroix, Claire
McDowell, Melissa St. Amant, Will Nash (host), Karly
Chapman, Kate Helleman, Cassidy Eames, and Alexis

As always, members in the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO)’s Summer Youth Cultural Program (SYCP) have been kept quite busy this summer.

Every year, postsecondary students can apply to become members of the MNO SYCP, a program open to MNO citizens as well as students who self-identify as Métis.

MNO SYCP staff based in the Midland MNO office, dressed in their traditional Métis clothing, went on live television to discuss the program and their role in educating about Métis culture.

The MNO SYCP members visit local schools and have educational presentations about Métis culture and history, explaining the Métis way of life and interacting with children and youth across Ontario.

Throughout the summer, the MNO SYCP staff will representstudents closeupMNO SYCP staff at Holy Cross Elementary School in
Georgetown on June 16. From left: Sarah Bibeau, Riley
Smith and Abby Denning.
the MNO by setting up booths with scheduled crafts for kids and games based on Métis culture.

In June, during the MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council’s annual National Aboriginal Day celebration, SYCP members participated at the council’s booth. Visitors could pose for a photo opportunity with a model of a Voyageur canoe.

With the amount of smiles shown in their pictures, the MNO SYCP students are having a very fun summer!

The MNO SYCP members shown in the canoe banner pictured on the Home page are (from left) Melissa St. Amant, Jordi Playne, Alexis Chapman and Katelyn LaCroix.