By Dr. Chris Paci, MNO Manager of Education

Students Publish Books About Métis CultureOne of several books inspired by a presentation by Scott Carpenter
to students from the North Superior Catholic District School Board

Schools sure have changed a lot since the days when being Métis was something to hide from public view. Nowadays, schools are showing a great deal of initiative. Not only do they invite Métis community members and guest speakers to share their knowledge about being Métis in Ontario, but some, like St. Hilary, St Martin, St. Michael, St. Brigid, Holy Saviour and Holy Angels Schools in the North Superior Catholic District School Board have taken a further step. These students and their teachers have produced a collection of books that shares their experiences from a recent school presentation on Métis culture by Scott Carpenter, MNO Manager of Projects and Partnerships. The schools have produced an attractive self-published collection of books, each featuring illustrations, pictures and stories provided by students. The books were unveiled at the third Circle of Light Conference in Toronto in November, 2011.

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