Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Community Councils in Region 5 warmly invited MNO citizens and the wider community to their Sudbury Métis Tradeshow, where they could explore the offerings of Métis artisans, crafters, and small businesses from across the area. Nearly 20 vendor booths highlighted the remarkable diversity and talent present in the region, making a lasting impression on all attendees.

“Hosting this tradeshow is a great opportunity for our community,” MNO Region 5 Regional Councilor Roger Rose shared. “It’s a celebration of innovation and collaboration, showcasing the exceptional talents that lie here”.

Sudbury Métis Council President Suzanne Fortin added, “Not only are we able to highlight Métis businesses, but we were able to connect our citizens with key employers in the area as well.”

Finding employment and running a business comes with its fair share of hurdles, which is why events such as this are so important. Entrepreneurs present at the event recognized the significance of such gatherings for economic development.

Renee Lalonde, owner of the personal care brand Scruffy Canoe, emphasized the vital role events like the tradeshow play in her business journey: “As I start my business, events like this tradeshow have been really helpful. It is a great opportunity to meet people, and create connections.” 

Ann and Hunter Wilson, owners of the maple syrup company Two Wet Dogs said, “We don’t get a lot of foot traffic because we live in a remote location, but thankfully we have been hitting our business goals. We are grateful for this event and the support from the MNO.”

At the MNO, prioritizing the prosperity and self-sufficiency of Métis people is an objective right out of the Statement of Prime Purpose.

The MNO shares a big thank you to the Staff and Volunteers who worked tirelessly to develop this year’s tradeshow. We also acknowledge the representatives and councils that attended, including the MNO Women’s Council, Sudbury, North Bay, Mattawa Métis Councils, and Denis Lefebvre, Captain of the hunt.

We look forward to continuing to promote the success and economic development of the Métis community! 

You can show your support for Métis business in Ontario by visiting the links below.

Métis Businesses at the Tradeshow

Share your Business Story

If you are an MNO citizen with a unique story, or a Métis-owned business worth recognizing, we want you to be one of the MNO Stars in our Sky. Share your accomplishments with the wider community by filling out an application to be featured by the MNO, please visit: Stars in our Sky – Métis Nation of Ontario (metisnation.org)

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