LegionFrom left to right: MNO Veterans’ Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy O.Ont, C.D., O.M.C. (Vaughn),
Veterans’ Council President Joe Paquette
(Mississauga); Royal Canadian Legion
Dominion Command
President Tom Eagles,
MNO Veterans’ Council
Chair Guy Mandeville
C.D. (Trenton); Missing from the photograph
are: MNO Ve
terans’ Council Secretary
Greg Garratt (Penatanguishene),MNO
Veterans’ Council Treasurer Chris Plummer
C.D., U.E. (Courtice); MNO Veterans’
Council Women’s Representative/LO
Lisa Tessier C.D. (Barrie.)

On April 15, 2015 in Ottawa, The Royal Canadian Legion: Dominion Command branch welcomed the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council in an exchange of gratitude. As a gesture of thanks, the MNO Veterans’ Council presented the Legion with a certificate and ceremonial sash to recognize the Legion’s decision to grant the MNO Veterans’ Council permission to use their official Poppy insignia on the MNO Veterans’ Council website in “remembrance” for MNO veterans who have passed away.

MNO Veterans’ Council President Joe Paquette, Veterans’ Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy, and Chair Guy Mandeville presented a Métis sash to Legion President Tom Eagles, who graciously accepted it.

“The Poppy is a trademark of the Royal Canadian Legion,” said Eagles. “You have to be granted special permission to use it … and donated a page in the book back to the Legion.”

“It is very important that as Métis veterans that we recognize that … [the Legion has] helped support us. It is important to recognize that and acknowledge them for that,” said Paquette.

Paquette said the presentation of the sash is of symbolic importance to the Métis people. “It is very reminiscent of the Métis and some of the Voyageurs … within our history. It serves a multitude of different purposes. It is only within the past 15 to 20 years that the Métis as a nation… have stepped forward wearing their sashes with a certain amount of pride. Along with that sash, it proclaims … this is who we are as a nation.”

Senator Dr. Kennedy said she was honored to meet the President of the Legion because few Legion members are given the opportunity. To her, the meeting further confirms that Métis veterans exist. “It is really important because it sealsthat our veterans are working together.”

The Veterans’ Council said they are confident that this new bond will increase the visibility of Métis veterans. “The one thing we have very much in common is servicing our veterans and helping our veterans,” said Paquette.

“We are hoping [it] is a very close bond as we move forward,” said Eagles. “I’m sure it will be. We’ve asked them if they can identify any veterans in their community that [are] in need, because we’re here to help veterans.”