By: Joseph Paquette, MNO Veterans’ Council President

Jo Hunting
Joseph Paquette and the
majestic moose.

“The day started with a beautiful sunrise amidst a perfect blue sky. This was following two days of rain. Climbing hill after hill and calling every so often did not put me any closer to filling my moose tag.

I finally settled at the corner of three crossroads. It seemed like the ideal place with a great view in three directions. I stared at a dark brown spot in the woods. It looked very much like a tree stump. After a good twenty minutes of staring at this, it had not moved. I resigned myself to it being a tree stump.

I decided to take a short walk down one of the roads whilst checking the bush on both sides. After walking for about 100 yards, I came back to the original spot where I had been sitting. Once again I looked for the dark brown spot, to my surprise, it was gone. I finally walked up the other road, about 50 yards and turned around to come back. There in the road, stood a beautiful, majestic moose. Because of the branches and brush, I could not see the antlers. I thought it was a female moose. Having decided that it was a moose cow, I figured if I walk towards her, she will probably spook and maybe reveal a small calf. She then walked towards me for about five steps. I decided to take a photo of her. Right as I was taking the photo, the moose walked about three steps, turned and lord behold I saw the Panache.

I quickly placed my cell phone back in my pocket, pulled back the hammer and all I heard was click. The safety was on! I then took the safety off, pulled back the hammer for the second time. During all this time, the moose did not move. I took the shot. He eventually staggered about 60 feet and then laid down.

What a great gift for my family and community.”