Métis flag London
The Métis flag is proudly flown outside City Hall
in London in recognition of Louis Riel Day.

This year marks the eighth time the Métis flag has proudly flown in front of the London City Hall in recognition of Louis Riel Day. However, this tradition would not have begun had it not been for the dedication and pride displayed by MNO Citizen, Alvin McKay.

Starting in 2007, McKay has taken it upon himself every year to organize with the London City Hall to ensure that the Métis flag is flown for Louis Riel Day. In its eighth year, McKay was ecstatic to hear that City Hall received a few phone calls inquiring about the flag and its meaning.

McKay’s selfless gesture proves how one individual’s contribution can make a difference and can help the MNO in its efforts to spread the word on Louis Riel and the Métis people.