Jensen Blind River SchoolGrade 8 students create Métis Dot Art at Blind
River Public School with MNO Council President
Yvonne Jensen

The Grade 8 students of Blind River Public School had the opportunity to host Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) North Channel Métis Council President Yvonne Jensen, and MNO North Channel Youth Representative Taylor McNally on April 22nd. During their visit, President Jensen and McNally educated the students about Métis history and culture, and used the Faceless Dolls Project to raise awareness of the abuse and violence of Aboriginal women. Grade 8 student Alyssa K., said, “The presentation was very good and well explained; it was very cool learning new things about the Métis people.”

The students participated in two different activities that encouraged them learn more about Métis culture. The students created a Faceless Doll exhibit, which will be housed in the school, recognizing the many lost, murdered, and abandoned women across the country. Student Tevin D., said, “I think the Faceless Dolls Project is a good idea because it [raises] awareness of [the abuse of] Aboriginal women.”

The second activity allowed students to express their creativity as they created Métis Dot Art. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable activity to conclude the cultural presentation. Many students enjoyed the opportunity to interactively learn about the culture, and strategies that can be used to end abuse and violence towards women. Representative McNally and President Jensen provided a fulfilling experience that the students will remember as they move forward to their secondary school years. We are very thankful for the community partnership with the Métis Nation of Ontario.