Submitted by: Christa Lemelin, MNO Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council Chair

Fleming college workshop
Members of the MNO Credit River, Oshawa Durham and
the Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council. Back
row: (L-R) Karen Derocher, MNO CRMC President;
Christa Lemelin, MNO PDWMC Chair; Luke Thompson,
MNO PDWMC Councillor; Terry Bloom, MNO PDWMC
Senator; Taryn Blackstock, MNO PDWMC Women’s
Representative; Andy Dufrane, MNO PDWMC President;
Kristin Randall, MNO ODMC President; Terri Head, MNO
ODMC Councillor. Front row: (L-R) Cecile Wagar, MNO
ODMC Senator; Jeanette Ireland, MNO ODMC Secretary;
Janet Huttmann, MNO ODMC Treasurer. Click here to view
a larger version.

Members of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Credit River Métis Council (CRMC) and the MNO Oshawa Durham Métis Council (ODMC) recently joined the MNO Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council (PDWMC) for a workshop held at Fleming College in Peterborough. The course entitled, Leading Responsibly: Bridging Worldviews to Address Complex Problems, was led by Jane Gray.

During the workshop, Gray shared her years of experience, which allowed Council members to explore different approaches and perspectives that influence decision-making about lands, waters and communities. The course also touched on ways to develop bridging strategies through communication and problem solving and identified steps towards solutions on various issues. Council members were provided with tools and strategies to create practical and positive approaches for working with other organizations on issues large and small.

Published on: June 30, 2016