January 4, 2010 — The Olympic Torch continues January 4, with a final community celebration stop in Kenora Monday evening on the Harbourfront. 13-year-old Roxanne Derouard of Kenora will be the last of four Métis Nation of Ontario youth who carried the torch on its way across Canada enroute to Vancouver for the start of the 2010 Olympics on February 12, 2010.

Other Métis youth from Ontario who carried the torch during its time in Ontario were Alexander Young in Midland and James Callaghan in Collingwood, both on December 29th. PCMNO Youth Representative Nicholas Callaghan carried the torch on Saturday January 2nd in Sault Ste Marie.

The torch made a stop in Thunder Bay Sunday for an evening of community celebration. Métis youth and Flame Attendant Janine Landry wrapped up her six week stint as a volunteer in her home town. Janine will travel to Vancouver later this month where she will work as an Accommodations Assistant for the executive and staff of NBC until mid-March. She was also honoured to have the opportunity to carry the torch on December 23rd during its journey from Chatham to Windsor.

For more information about the Ontario Métis youth torchbearers and the cities they will be traveling to, please contact Rebekah Wilson at rebekahw@metisnation.org