Canoe Expo Team
The 2017 MNO Canoe Expedition crew presenting a paddle to Timmins MNO Youth Representative Brianne Gosselin: (left-right) Tomas Lucas, Jesse Yacoubov (Guide), Zack Kruzins (Guide). Andre Nault, Matthew Bombardier. Justin Moore, Jacob Crawford, Brett Bodnarchuck, Will McLean, Zac Norman (Timmins SYCP), Gerald Lavallee, Christina Smith, Samantha Lavallee, Sam Cuddy, Riley Smith, Courtney Vaughan and Katie Gervais (Timmins SYCP).
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Submitted by: MNO Summer Youth Cultural Program staff members Zac Norman and Katie Gervais

MNO citizens, local MNO staff, community and council members were in attendance to welcome the 2017 Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Canoe Expedition to Timmins on June 6, 2017 to watch the paddlers arrive on shore.

The MNO Canoe Expedition team brought historical artifacts, games and traditional music and along with local Summer Youth Cultural Program (SYCP) staff performed traditional dances including the seven step, the red river jig and the heel-toe. Live fiddle music was played by Emily Ingram from the ground support crew. The tempo of Emily’s fiddling was a challenge for the local SYCP since they were used to dancing to music recorded on CD. Local youth especially enjoyed learning dot art, finger-weaving, tug of war, traditional games and the historical interpretation.

The Canoe Expedition crew was invited to dinner at the MNO office where they enjoyed a home-cooked meal prepared by Jaylin Renaud and Jen Frappier from the Timmins MNO office. The Canoe Expedition crew were thankful for the hospitality and happy to have a chance to relax after a long day. The MNO staff were excited to listen to the paddlers’ stories and experiences of their journey thus far.

Posted: July 5, 2017