Online Safety printout
December 7th | 7-8:30PM

During times of crisis rates of cyber-crime and fraud can skyrocket. There are those who seek to take advantage of a climate of uncertainty through fraudulent activity. With so many individuals working from home or self-isolating, online activity has also increased. Hackers and cyber-scammers see this as an opportunity. Unfortunately, those at the greatest risk, and most commonly victimized, are vulnerable and elderly populations. Guest expert Detective Sergeant John Phillip Menard will explain the latest cyber threats and teach participants defensive strategies to protect themselves online. Detective Sergeant Menard will explain how to “harden” your computer, cell phones, and other mobile devices, against potential cyber-attacks and exploitation.

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Detective Sergeant Menard

Bio: Detective Sergeant John Phillip Menard is a member of the Toronto Police Service (TPS) and specializes in Cyber Operations. He joined the TPS in 1998 and has spent the majority of his service dedicated to crimes involving technology. In 2003 he joined the Child Exploitation Section and became one of the first online undercover officers for the TPS. He became an expert in the field of internet facilitated crimes against children and was trained as a certified computer forensic examiner. In 2007 Detective Sergeant Menard transferred to the Intelligence Services Technological Crime Unit and worked three years as an expert in computer facilitated crimes and digital forensics. Promoted to Staff Sergeant in 2018, Detective Menard returned to Intelligence Services as the supervisor in charge of Cyber Operations.