Child and Youth Mental Health Conditions 101:
Parent/Caregiver Guide

November 4, 2021
7:30 PM (ET)


As we ease back into social events, school, and other gatherings questions can arise regarding Métis youth and their mental health. Would you like some help understanding when mental health symptoms can become problematic? When do we reach out for supports outside of the home?

This upcoming Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Mental Health and Addictions webinar with Dr. Michael Cheng and Jessica Brown will help our community caregivers, guardians, parents, and supports to identify and better understand some common mental health-related barriers and conditions that can present in children and youth. You will learn about mental wellness, common mental health illnesses and conditions, as well as strategies for knowing when and how to access supports within your community, or through the Métis Nation of Ontario.

Join us on November 4, 2021 to learn more about mental health and wellness in our youth, as well as when and how to seek out additional supports!

Register here:étis-nation-of-ontario/Child-and-Youth-Mental-Health-Conditions-101-Parent-Caregiver-Guide



Dr. Michael Cheng is a child and family psychiatrist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. In between patients, Dr. Cheng works with, an initiative of Children’s Hospital of Easter Ontario.

His approach involves the following:

  • Radical empathy, acceptance and validation to connect to children/youth and families
  • Helping children/youth and families to (re)connect to the people, things and activities that are truly meaningful in their lives
  • Helping children/youth and families to disconnect from those people, things and activities that are not helpful in their lives
  • Helping children/youth and families overcome any particular challenges along the way, e.g. sensory processing issues, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, visual stress, etc.

Jessica Brown is one of the Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Navigators with the Métis Nation of Ontario. Jessica is a social worker who has worked with children and youth over the past five years in the field of behaviour therapy as well as mental health and addictions. Jessica has a passion for mental health advocacy and ensuring children and youth have access to the appropriate mental health resources.