Submitted by MNO Great Lakes Métis Council Office Coordinator Susan Staves

Twenty-seven people attended a course on wilderness
survival techniques held by the MNO Great Lakes Métis
Council (GLMC), on Feb. 24. (Back row from left to right)
Ed Olsen, R. Sandy Bell, Patrick Stranks, Summer
McWatch, Jim Stranks, MNO GLMC Senator Ralph Wolf
Thistle, Jamie Coture, Tony McWatch and Pat Vanwyck.
(Middle row left to right) Johnny Borton, Chantel Lougheed,
Michael Hill, Steve M’Gillveary, Carol Marietta, Dustin
Coture, MNO GLMC President Peter Coture and Billy
VanWyck. (Front row left to right) Auzzie Lougheed,
Pauline Lavoie, Michael Smith, Jason Partington and
Jeff Boddy. Missing from the photo are Tracie
Partington, Murray Hillyer and Susan Staves. Click here
to view a larger version of the picture.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Great Lakes Métis Council invited an experienced trapper to teach wilderness survival techniques on Feb. 24. Attendees were taught by Johnny Borton, a licenced trapper for more than 20 years, from Listowel, Ont.

Twenty-seven people of all ages attended. They learned 18 ways to survive in the bush, including how to trap different animals. They also took part in hands-on demonstrations, showing how to make snares and skin animals, sharpen knives and cook their catch.

Borton also taught the group about muskrats and beavers – how they survive and reproduce, and how to keep a healthy population using good stewardship practices.

For lunch, they dined on wild rabbit and various traditional wild game pepperettes.

Posted: March 9, 2018