About World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is an official United Nations-recognized day that takes place annually. The Objectives of World Wildlife Day are to celebrate the varied animal and plant species that inhabit the world, raise awareness of the benefits of these species, and share information about the conservation work happening across the globe. 

Currently, in the Province of Ontario, we have approximately 240 plant and animal species at risk for extinction, and this number only continues to rise. As the population of Ontario grows, it is important to learn to be aware of Ontario’s wildlife and live alongside it.

Predatory species like Black Bears and Coyotes are often feared due to their reputation in popular media. Still, it is important to remember that they are vital to maintaining the health of Ontario’s ecosystems by regulating prey populations and ensuring prey species don’t reproduce past their environments’ carrying capacity. 

It is important that Métis citizens know how to avoid conflicts with predators and to become aware of what to do if encounters with predators occur! Please find some helpful tips on what to do when encountering Black Bears and Coyotes below:

If you encounter a Black Bear

  • Slowly back away while keeping the bear in sight 
  • Wave your arms and make noise by yelling, whistling or with an air horn. Remember, “Woah Bear, Stay there!”
  • If a vehicle or building is nearby, get inside by walking slowly towards it backwards.
  • If a bear is in a tree, leave it be! It will come down when it feels safe
  • DO NOT approach the bear to get a better look 
  • DO NOT attempt to feed a bear 
  • DO NOT run, climb, or swim to attempt to get away from a bear

If you encounter a Coyote

  • Do not turn your back or run 
  • Make yourself look big, wave your hands and make lots of noise while slowly backing away
  • Carry a flashlight at night
  • If a wild animal poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety- call 911. 

Thank you for joining us as we delve into World Wildlife Day. The connection between Métis people and the rich biodiversity of Ontario reflects a legacy of mutual respect and coexistence passed down through generations.

As the Métis Nation of Ontario, we eagerly anticipate furthering our efforts to advocate for the conservation and welfare of wildlife throughout the province.