Join us for this session which will focus on Two-Spirit identities, the place of Two-Spirit people within our communities, healing from imposed heteronormativity, and the roles we can play in ceremony.

This session will feature our special guest, Benny Michaud, who will be sharing their journey and offering a safe and open space for Metis youth to learn, grow, and apply the teachings to their own lives while engaging with others who share similar experiences.

Date: February 17 , 2022
Time: 7:30-8:30 PM EST
Age: 11-17 years
Speaker: Benny Michaud

A photo of Benny Michaud
Benny Michaud

Benny Michaud is a proud Michif person from St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba and is currently the Director of the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives at Carleton University

In the Michif language their traditional name is kaa-natawiyiweet dans la sud oschi, which means Medicine Person from the South, and their gender identity is ayakwew (ah-yah-kway-oh), which translates into “not really a woman.” In English, the terms they tend to use are two-spirit or non-binary.

Benny is currently director of the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives at Carleton University and has worked previously within both the mental health and education sectors.