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In 2014, the MNO Annual General Assembly passed the Métis Nation of Ontario Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law (the “Prosperity Law”). As set out in Section 5 of the Prosperity Law:

5. The goal of this Law is to enable the MNO to build a strong, stable and self-sustaining economic base upon which it can pursue, advance and achieve the objectives set out in its Statement of Prime Purpose as well as fulfill its roles and responsibilities to Métis citizens and communities for generations to come.

The Prosperity Law establishes the legal framework for all of the MNO’s economic development activities. It describes the MNO Economic Development Structures, which is the corporate structure that manages business activities in which the MNO has an interest.

Consistent with best practices in Aboriginal economic development (e.g., the Harvard Project), which emphasize separating politics from business, the Economic Development Structures have an independent board of directors and professional Chief Executive Officer. Following expert tax, legal and corporate advice, the Structures also allow the MNO to benefit from economic development while managing the legal and business risks involved in that activity.