The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Statement of Prime Purpose has a key objective: to encourage academic and skills development and help citizens achieve their educational aspirations. To accomplish this, the MNO initiated its Education and Training branch in 1996, funded, at that time, by the Métis Human Resources Development Agreement. Over time, the branch has expanded, establishing a province-wide infrastructure that offers a wide range of programs. It supports the educational success of Métis individuals across Ontario, starting from early learning and continuing through kindergarten to grade twelve, and onto post-secondary education, and labor market training.

Additionally, we strive to preserve and revitalize our languages, uphold Métis culture and way of life, and promote continuous learning beyond formal educational structures. We advocate for an inclusive education system by ensuring that the Métis perspective is considered in the development of education policies and programs within Ontario. Through engagement with Provincial and Federal ministries, outreach efforts, resource development, education action plan creation and implementation, we aim to make a positive impact.

Furthermore, we foster partnerships between communities, school boards, colleges, universities, the employment sector, and other key stakeholders to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning in our communities. We are dedicated to supporting Métis learners, educators, job seekers, and citizens who participate in educational systems.
We take great pride in our culture and history, and we acknowledge and honour our Métis knowledge-holders and Senators who contribute to the teachings and learning opportunities that shape our way of life. Our Métis languages hold significance to us, and we eagerly anticipate passing down our traditions to future generations as we strive to reach our highest potential.

For more information about our programs and how they operate, please explore the MNO video program showcase.

Branch Contacts

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Educational and Cultural Camps

The MNO offers a variety of seasonal, educational, and cultural camps and retreats to Métis children and youth in Ontario.

Métis Languages Initiatives

The MNO strives to support the efforts of citizens and communities to reclaim, revitalize, maintain, and strengthen Métis languages in Ontario.

Métis Training Programs

The Métis Nation of Ontario offers a variety of Training Programs to qualified Métis candidates.

Métis Employment Programs

The Métis Nation of Ontario offers a variety of Employment Programs to qualified Métis candidates.

K-12 Education Initiatives

The Métis Nation of Ontario is pleased to offer the Education Support Advocacy Program for K – 12 students.

Post-Secondary Education

The MNO is pleased to offer Post-Secondary Education supports to help Métis students access high quality education.

Early Learning & Child Care

The goal of the MNO’s Early Learning and Child Care programming is to improve access to culturally grounded early learning opportunities for Métis families and individuals.