The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) offers a variety of seasonal, educational, and cultural camps and retreats to Métis children and youth in Ontario. These camps cover a wide range of topics and are designed to engage participants through immersive and interactive learning opportunities. These camps and retreats give participants the opportunity to learn about Métis history and be involved in cultural activities and meet other Métis students from across Ontario.

We offer camps and retreats that are designed to engage young Métis students interested in college or university, strengthen and share Métis culture and history, and get involved with community based initiatives and activities. Our programming gives Métis children and youth the tools and knowledge that they need to speak about Métis culture and history and share that knowledge and understanding with others.

Through these experiences participants get to gather, share, learn, and celebrate Métis traditions with a specific emphasis on Ontario Métis history and culture. We offer programming that focuses on teaching children and youth about the traditional and contemporary Métis way of life and culture and we also offer training and orientations for participants who want to take their learning and discovery to the next level and would like to teach and guide others.