Ontario Métis Language Resources / Centre ontarien de prévention des aggressions Métis Resources

The following resources were developed by the Centre ontarien de prévention des aggressions (COPA) in collaboration with the Métis Nation of Ontario’s (MNO) Education and Training Branch. COPA is a Francophone non-profit organization which offers services in both English and French. COPA was founded in 1995 and is a recognized centre of excellence in the fields of violence and bullying prevention and equity and inclusion. These resources are free online to anyone who wants to use them. If you would like to receive a hard copy of any of these resources, you can order them from the COPA website here

COPA Métis Resources

Through this collaborative project COPA and the MNO developed educational resources that span a wide range of issues from bullying prevention, to equity, to positive parenting, and more. We also developed toolkits and resources for parents, teachers, and communities including resources geared specifically for indigenous children, families, and communities. These multimedia resources were designed to support safe and strong schools and communities and were created through a grassroots approach.

Circle of Caring Toolkit

The Circle of Caring Toolkit features a series of 21 short animated films, starring the Capsule Families, produced especially for Indigenous families and schools. The films can be viewed in English, French, Ontario Michif and six other indigenous languages. The Toolkit also includes a colouring book, discussion guides, and other supporting resources. The different materials in the Toolkit are meant to jumpstart reflection, discussion, dialogue, partnership, and positive action.

The vignettes that are included in the Toolkit are as follows:

  • Cultural Pride
  • Nurturing Kindness and Empathy
  • A Telephone Call from School
  • Creating a Space for Study
  • Joining School Council
  • Problem-Solving Together
  • Support for a Child Who Has Witnessed Bullying
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Positive Role Modelling
  • Storytelling and Reading with Our Children
  • Working Together, Learning from Each Other
  • Supporting, Not Blaming
  • Bullying Hurts
  • Support for a Child Who Is Bullying Others
  • Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools
  • Believing in Our Children’s Success
  • Everyday Success at Home
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting
  • Listening Carefully
  • Support for a Child Who Is Being Bullied
  • Approaching the School

Joining the Circle Toolkit

The Joining the Circle Toolkit was created out of COPA’s A Circle of Caring Project for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis parents, families, and schools. It was created in partnership with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and is a resource for education staff. The Toolkit includes a series of 10 animated films starring the Capsule Families, a teacher’s guide, and other helpful resources. The films can be viewed in English, French, Ontario Michif, and six other indigenous languages. Each film includes an introductory segment with teachings from Elders and discussion guides to help jumpstart dialogue. Joining the Circle: Guide for Educators

The films that are included in the Toolkit are as follows:

  • Reflecting on Our Role
  • Celebrating Equity and Diversity
  • Positive Role Modelling
  • Working Together
  • Our School Council
  • Building Pride and Identity
  • Welcoming Schools
  • Wholistic Learning
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Listening Carefully

Caring is the Universal Language Storybooks

Caring is the Universal Language is a compilation of three beautifully told and illustrated storybooks for young children about bullying prevention, justice, and belonging. The stories include gentle messages to help nurture listening, kindness, caring, compassion, and courage. The stories are available in English, French, Ontario Michif, and six other indigenous languages and are available in narrated video format, and as PDF documents. Caring is the Universal Language Storybook

The following are the titles of the three stories in English and Michif:

  • Toof and That Blanket / La kouvart détouèl
  • Specs and the Best Part / La méyeur partsi dla fèt
  • Bouncy and the Any Kind at All Fish / Unn journé o lak

Additional Resources

Where can I find more COPA Métis resources?

You can find all of these resources here on the COPA website. The site was created for parents, caregivers, and schools and is a place where you can explore COPA’s array of innovative resources designed to help children flourish and reach their full potential. Throughout the site you will find tools that were created for use at home, at school, or in the community. They include information about programs, training modules and courses, guidebooks, posters, pins, essays, storybooks, documentaries, and animated vignettes.

Posted: June 26, 2020