The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is pleased to offer the Métis Wage Subsidy Program. This Program helps Métis individuals secure long-term employment through direct work experience opportunities by encouraging employers to hire Métis apprentices and other workers and provide on-the-job experience. To be eligible for this Program you must be a Métis individual who is unemployed, under-employed, or whose employment is at risk due to the labour market changes, insufficient employment skills, or certification. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Worker’s Compensation or equivalent) insurance coverage must be provided by the employer for participants in accordance with, and where required by provincial regulations. Sponsors and Employers must possess he appropriate qualifications and expertise to develop, implement and manage the project.

To qualify applicants must be:

  • Métis
  • Underemployed or under-employment
  • At risk of losing employment due to:
    • Labour Market Changes
    • Insufficient employment skills or
    • Insufficient certification

To qualify for this Program as an employer the organization in question must be:

  • A Métis Chartered Community Council
  • A For-Profit organization including partnerships, sole proprietorships, and self-employed persons
  • An Indigenous organization
  • A Government Institution
  • A Non-Profit group or organization

For a position to be eligible it must offer:

  • On-the-Job training must relate directly to employment goals and must meet the needs of both the client and the industry or labour market
  • Clients must access training through the MNOET intake and assessment process
  • Employer must provide a completed wage subsidy proposal
  • Client must work, ideally, a minimum of 20 hours a week
  • Subsidy rate is negotiated

Please note: For an applicant to qualify they cannot be an existing employee of the participating employer. Applicants cannot displace or replace existing employees or volunteers, employees on layoff, employees absent due to a labour management dispute, employees on vacation, or interfere with a collective agreement. The length of the  subsidy is to be determined based on need and availability of funding to a maximum of six months (26 weeks). Special circumstances may be considered to a maximum of 1 year (52 weeks).

To Apply: Interested applicants should contact their Regional MNO Employment and Training office in order to complete an application. To find your Regional MNO Employment and Training Office Click Here