Infinite Reach Facilitators are motivated and enthusiastic upper year Métis post-secondary students that act as mentors at universities and colleges throughout Ontario for the upcoming academic year. These positions are volunteer based with the opportunity to receive honoraria for applicable work.

Facilitator Eligibility Criteria

  • Citizen, or in progress application for citizenship, of the MNO or one of the Métis provincial governing members
  • Applicants may have a citizenship application in progress with the MNO Registry (or other provincial governing member), in which case their acceptance to the program will require an approved assessment of the application by MNO Registry.
  • Enrolled and attending a post-secondary institution in Ontario
  • Have completed at least one year of studies
  • Committed to fostering a community of Métis learners

Facilitator Responsibilities

Throughout the academic year mentors will be responsible for the following:

  • Attending the Infinite Reach training session
  • Completion of training modules
  • Meeting with incoming students
  • Being knowledgeable of funding opportunities for Métis students
  • Being knowledgeable of community council and Métis Nation of Ontario events and programs
    Connecting incoming students with the Indigenous Student Resource Centre
  • Organize information sessions and cultural events throughout the year
  • Present and promote postsecondary opportunities to Métis secondary school students
  • Connecting incoming students with students supports available both at their institution but also through the MNO:
      • Academic Counselling
      • Counselling Services
      • Disability Services
      • Health Services
      • Housing

2022 - 2023 Infinite Reach Facilitators


If you would like to connect with one of our Infinite Reach Facilitators, please email or find their email below.

Evan Accettola- Email

Hello, my name is Evan Accettola, and I am a Métis Registered Practical Nurse attending Metropolitan University in Toronto to complete a Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions. This is my third year as an Infinite Reach Facilitator. I also hold the role of Chair on the MNOYC. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I believe that youth have a role to play in the MNO. I hope to connect Métis post-secondary students to culture and community, as well as promote youth participation in the MNO.

Claire Accettola- Email  

Hi there, I’m Claire Accettola a Metis student at the University of Guelph, and I am currently working to complete my bachelors degree in history. This is my second year as an infinite reach facilitator and I am very excited to teach and share tis culture while creating a space for youth involvement.

Olivia Adams- Email 

Hello, my name is Olivia Adams and I am a student at Lakehead University studying Nursing. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator with hopes to connect fellow Métis students of Lakehead University to their culture and community, as well as encourage involvement within both LU and the MNO. Entering a new environment can be overwhelming and stressful, but as an Infinite Reach Facilitator I hope to help make the transition to university lifestyle as easy and welcoming as possible!

Shayn Barnes- Email 

Hello, my name is Shayn Barnes and I am a Métis student enrolled at Laurentian University in the Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work program. I have worked most of my life directly with people, whether it be as a camp councillor, in the restaurant industry, as a sales rep, teaching English abroad or as a musician organizing musical events. I joined the Infinite Reach as a way to give back to the MNO and to participate in the amazing culture we all share.

Kelly Beaudoin- Email 

Hey everyone! I’m Kelly Beaudoin. I attend Northern College for Nursing based in Timmins. MNO has assisted both of my young kids in the Educational Support Advocacy Program, which has been phenomenal. After, I applied and received a sponsorship for my school. I could not be more proud of my heritage, the Infinite Reach program.. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Ashley Benoit- Email 

My name is Ashley Benoit and I am entering my third year at Laurentian University studying Orthophonie (speech therapy). I wanted to join this program as I have found it difficult to connect and network with other Métis students. I am hoping to connect with more students and be there to help them learn about the Métis culture and history!

Katelyn Cudmore- Email 

My name is Katelyn Cudmore and I’m entering my fourth year in the Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education program at Nipissing University. After I have completed my degree, I will be continuing with a Bachelor of Education. Over the last two years, I have been involved with cultural programming as a MNO Summer Youth Facilitator and I am the Youth Representative on the Barrie South Simcoe Métis Council. I look forward to assisting other students as they transition to post-secondary and sharing my experiences.

Brooke Gelinas- Email 

My name is Brooke Gelinas. I’m a Métis student at Western University in Health Sciences. As an Infinite Reach Facilitator, I hope to be a resource for Métis students and someone with whom they can connect with to discuss anything with which they may require guidance. I’m looking forward to sharing my Métis culture with Western University students. I’m always willing to chat and eager to assist in any way I can!

Sabastian Koprich- Email 

Tawnshi kiya mataen, my name is Sabastian a proud Métis citizen of Ontario with ancestors from the Georgian Bay Community. I am currently studying at Trent University for an honours bachelor degree in biology. Science, health research, and anthropology are of great interest to me. My goal with infinite reach is to spread awareness for Métis people, and deep dive into the traditional teachings of our culture.

Kyle Lorenz-Pease- Email 

My name is Kyle Storm Lorenz-Pease. I am a 1st year Health Sciences student at the University of Waterloo. I am not a social butterfly. I have had my heart skip a beat when I first walked into a classroom of 300 other students. Conversations with an Infinite Reach Facilitator opened up a world of opportunities for me. Starting university can be a very overwhelming experience, and I want to help make your transition to university life a successful one.

Teagan Neufeld- Email 

My name is Teagan Neufeld and I’m attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario. The program of study I’m currently in is a BA in Psychology. However, I have previous experience completing a BSc and a MSc. I wanted to become an Infinite Reach Facilitator to get in touch with my Métis roots and help cultivate a community at Lakehead. I want to help others who are having similar experiences to me, get in touch with their heritage too.

Tashya Georgia-lin Orasi- Email 

My name is Tashya Orasi. I am a PhD Candidate in Educational Studies at Lakehead University. I applied to Infinite Reach to connect with other postsecondary Métis students and to learn more about Métis culture and what it means practice it in a good way. As a mature graduate student, I hope that I can provide support and mentorship to other Métis students, especially those like me who are navigating studies and family responsibilities.

Janis Pender- Email 

My name is Gillian Pender. I am in my fourth year of the Concurrent Education program with a major in English at Lakehead University – Orillia Campus. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I strongly believe in helping other Métis students to feel a sense of belonging within our school. I hope to help these students feel comfortable and connected with our school as they transition into a university environment. I enjoy being helpful and look forward to meeting other Métis students at Lakehead!

Claudia Pereira- Email 

My name is Claudia Pereira, I will be studying for a bachelor’s in Nursing Science at York University. I wanted to become an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I want to provide new students with a support system to ease the transition to post-secondary school.

Kelsey Piche- Email 

Hello! Alo! My name is Kelsey Piche and I am currently in my third year at Brock University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Child and Youth Studies. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be an Infinite Reach Facilitator as I am very passionate about Métis history and sharing this knowledge with others. I have been a part of the MNO Summer Youth Program for 2 years where I had the opportunity to learn more about my culture and share this cultural knowledge with other members of the community. I am looking forward to this year and making connections in the Métis community!

Lauren Towell- Email 

Hello! My name is Lauren Towell and I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Critical Sociology at Brock University. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator to connect with other Métis students and support students’ academic endeavors. I hope to learn more about our culture and share that knowledge with other students. I bring experience as an undergrad, grad student, and teaching assistant, as well as experience volunteering and working in mental health.

Morgan Turcotte- Email 

Alo/Aaniin! I’m Morgan and I am in my fourth year at Trent University studying Indigenous Studies. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I want to help foster a community of Métis students on campus and allow for an outlet to learn about one’s culture. I look forward to being a resource and friendly face on campus! If you have any questions or just want to chat please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Courtney Vessair- Email 

Tanashi, my name is Courtney Vessair. I am a mature student at Georgian College in Barrie. I decided to retrain during the pandemic with the help of the MNO and am currently working towards a bookkeeping certificaiton. I wanted to be a part of the Infinite Reach to give back to a community that continues to share so much with me.

Celine Wick- Email 

Céline Wick is a descendant of Bellerose, Lafontaine, Gladu and Villebrun family lines. Céline graduated from the Masters of Social Justice program in 2021 and will continue her studies at Lakehead University this fall with a PhD in Health Sciences. Céline is passionate about supporting other Indigenous post-secondary students both academically & culturally.