The Infinite Reach Network is a student-led initiative established in 2011 aiming to address the lack of Métis specific content that exists at post-secondary institutions in Ontario. The goal of the Program is to provide a Métis specific point of contact to assist students in navigating the post-secondary environment and create a network of Métis students across the province that can act as conduits to the Métis community at large to have more Métis youth pursue and complete post-secondary education. The guiding vision of the Infinite Reach Network is to develop a sense of community through culturally informative events that connect Métis students with programs, services, and resources at their post-secondary institution, local MNO Community Council, and the Métis Nation of Ontario.

CONTACT: If you would like to connect with one of our Infinite Reach Facilitators listed below please email and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate Facilitator.

2020 - 2021 Infinite Reach Faciliators

Evan Accettola

Hello, my name is Evan Accettola, and I am a Métis Registered Practical Nurse attending Ryerson University in Toronto to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Criminology. This is my second year as an Infinite Reach Facilitator. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I believe that youth have an active role to play in the MNO. I hope to connect Métis post-secondary students in the Toronto area to their culture and community, as well as promote more youth participation in the MNO. 

Brooke Gelinas

My name is Brooke Gelinas. I am a Métis student currently attending Western University where I am pursuing an Honours Specialization in Health Sciences. As an Infinite Reach Facilitator, I will be able to strengthen my connection to my culture, the Métis community and my ancestral roots. This academic year, I hope to be a resource for Métis students, as well as someone with whom they can connect with to discuss anything with which they may require guidance. 

Justice Maki

Taanshi! My name is Justice Maki and I’m a Métis student in my third year of Public Health with a minor in Indigenous studies at Brock University. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator to support incoming Métis students with the transition into university and helping other Métis students learn more about our history and culture and in turn, learning more about our culture myself! The MNO changed my university experience for the better and I hope to share my positive experience with others. 

Dan McFadden

My name is Dan McFadden and I’m pursuing my doctorate in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. I became an Infinite Reach facilitator to both deepen my knowledge of Métis culture and to help cultivate a sense of solidarity and community amongst my Métis peers. I aspire to share the knowledge I’ve gained over my years as an undergrad, graduate student, and course instructor at the university. The academy is a large and complicated place and I hope to help others by drawing on my own experiences. 

Candace Lloyd

Tanashi! Candace Lloyd dishinkaashoon. Ni Michif dãn Queen’s University, Master of Education Candidate. Hello, my name is Candace Lloyd, and I am a Métis Master of Education Candidate at Queen’s University. I am a mature student in her second career, a Métis Traditional Knowledge Holder, and entrepreneur. I decided to become a Facilitator through Infinite Reach because I hope to create a way for Métis students to connect, learn, and develop a love for their culture. 

Lorenzo Ford

I am Lorenzo Ford and I attend the University of Western Ontario. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biology with the end goal of medical school. I am very excited to enter my second year as an Infinite Reach Facilitator and hope to further both my understanding of the culture and my roots towards the Metis community in Ontario. Looking forward I hope to bring the Métis, First Nations, and Indigenous peoples of London, Ontario closer together and give them a support when needed. 

Maura McLean

Alo! Hello! My name is Maura McLean. I am 20 years old and a citizen of the MNO. I am in my 3rd year at the University of Ottawa in Indigenous Studies. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I love being involved in the Métis community, gaining knowledge, and being able to share with others. I was a 2021 facilitator with the MNO Summer Youth Program and I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and participate in the Métis community. 

Charlotte Romain

Hello! My name is Charlotte Romain and I’m entering my final year of my undergrad in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease at UTSC. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator since I remember how difficult the transition to first year of university was for me, and I’d love to be able to help and support incoming Métis students. I also wanted to learn more about our culture and be able to share that knowledge. 

Morgan Turcotte

Alo/Aaniin! My name is Morgan and I am a Métis student in my third year at Trent University taking Indigenous Studies. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I wanted to help foster a community of like-minded students on campus to allow an outlet to learn about one’s culture and make friends. Having been given a community of Métis youth and the ability to connect with my ancestry over the past few years I have come to understand how helpful and fulfilling it can be. 

Teagan Neufeld

Hello! My name is Teagan Neufeld, I’m a metis full time student. I have a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree. Currently, I’m working on a Bachelor of Art degree in psychology at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. This is my first time being an Infinite Reach Facilitator. I became interested in this role because I want to be involved in the MNO community and with my experience in post-secondary education, I feel I have a lot to offer other post-secondary Métis students. 

Miranda Bellefeuille

Hello, my name is Miranda Bellefeuille and I’m a student at Georgian College. I will be studying Dental Hygiene in the coming fall, and have recently completed the Pre-Health Sciences Program also at Georgian. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I am passionate about learning more about Métis culture and history and I’d love the opportunity to connect with other students that are transitioning into their post-secondary studies.


My name is Patricia, and I am going into my fourth year at Queen’s University in the Life Sciences Specialization program. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because I recognize that entering university can be a daunting transition and I appreciate the opportunity to help ease the transition for incoming Métis students at Queen’s. I also wanted to explore more about my Métis culture while also joining a community of like-minded individuals.

Scott Gauer

My name is Scott Gauer. I have been working as a carpenter for the past 4 years renovating restaurants and cottages. I am currently enrolled at Fleming College for the Environmental Technician program. After I complete the Environmental Technician program, I plan to complete a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science or Geology. I would like to take my previous experience in building and newfound knowledge in environmental science to build eco-friendly buildings and off-grid living. I hope to bring more natural ways of living to more people. 

Madison Mitchell

My name is Madison Mitchell and I am a third year Nursing student at the University of Windsor. I became an Infinite Reach facilitator because I want to increase awareness of the Métis culture to the post-secondary audience, as well as deepen my connection to my culture. I also want to connect with other post-secondary Métis students and help support them as a friend. Being a navigator and a friend for post-secondary students will help them create new relationships with other indigenous and non-indigenous students. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask me anything.

Olivia Adams

Hello! My name is Olivia Adams and I am a student at Lakehead University currently studying Nursing. Entering a new environment can be overwhelming and stressful, but as an Infinite Reach Facilitator I hope to help make the transition to University lifestyle as easy as possible. I hope to connect fellow Métis students of Lakehead University to their culture and community, as well as encourage involvement within both Lakehead and the MNO. 

Stephanie Chartrand

Hello! My name is Stephanie Chartrand. I am a Métis student in my final year of my Bachelors of Community Development at Humber. I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator in hopes to connect with other students looking for guidance and a friendly face to make their transition to post-secondary life more enjoyable. I struggled in my first years as a student and having a Program such as this can offer students a way to connect with a stable group of peers. 

Shayn Barnes

Hello, my name is Shayn Barnes and I am a Métis student enrolled at Laurentian University in the Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work program. I have worked most of my life directly with people, whether it be as a camp councillor, in the restaurant industry, as a sales rep, teaching English abroad or as a musician organizing musical events. I joined the Infinite Reach Program as a way to give back to the MNO and to participate in the amazing culture that we all share. I look forward to working with any students as we build this network.

Kirstin Moreau

Hello Everyone, my name is Kirstin Moreau and I am currently in my third year at the University of Ottawa studying Honours Biomedical Science and minoring in the social sciences of Health. I chose to become a facilitator this year to deepen my connection to my Métis heritage and help everyone connect to theirs. As a first-generation university student, I found it hard to integrate into my first two years of university and I want to share my past experiences with others to make the university experience fun and easier for them.

Katy Drainville

Hi, my name is Katy Drainville, I’m a Masters student at Lakehead University with plans to be a Nurse Practitioner in 2022! I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator because it feels like a good opportunity to become more involved in embracing my culture and giving back some of the knowledge I’ve learned as a student at LU. 

Claire Accettola

Hi there, I’m Claire Accettola a Metis student at the University of Guelph, and I am currently working to complete my bachelors degree in history. I am looking forward to my first year working as an infinite reach facilitator and I am very excited to teach and share metis culture while creating a space for youth involvement. 

Darla Oja

Hi, my name is Darla Oja. I’m in my final semester in the Native Child and Family Services program at Confederation College. As a mature student in her second career, I became an Infinite Reach Facilitator to share and learn more about our Metis culture and history. I hope to connect and communicate what I have learned with other Indigenous and Métis students.

Updated: February 10, 2022