The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is pleased to provides real time personalized help for Métis Post-Secondary Students. We have added a PSE Navigator to our team to help students navigate available MNO services, as well as offering assistance in locating contacts, supports and services available to them through their own institution. The PSE Navigator may liaise with your MNO support advocate as you transition to PSE or work to help you locate and connect with supports and services available at your College or University as well as any relevant MNO services. For more information on this Program please see the FAQ section below. Please direct any questions to 

What can a PSE Navigator help me with?

  • Connecting with Indigenous Centers and Housing contacts on campus
  • Assisting in locating mental health & crisis supports
  • Facilitating emergency short term housing supports due to acute negative housing situations

What else can a PSE Navigator do?

  • Assist in liaising with school academic support staff
  • Connect students with school financial aid staff and avenues of application for supports
  • Provide a pathway to MNO virtual tutoring opportunities and travel subsidy applications
  • Offer support in navigating MNO service branches & programs on demand


There is no application process needed to access the PSE Navigator. Simply reach out via the email address 

No, in an immediate crisis situation, emergency personnel may be required. Please call 911 or emergency services for your area for immediate, life threatening assistance. For non-emergent matters you can contact the MNO’s 24-hour toll free support line at 1-877-767-7572

No, MNO Education Support Advocates provide crucial assistance to students who are experiencing challenges accessing services and supports in K-12 provincial school systems.

Yes, the PSE Navigator can help you find contacts and resources at your institution you can use to help find yourself alternate housing. Where appropriate the Navigator can also connect you with MNO Housing supports.

The PSE Navigator is able to facilitate temporary safe housing solutions for you should you find yourself in a violent or dangerous housing situation. In addition, the PSE Navigator can help you find resources to help you locate safe alternative longer-term housing.

Posted: August 25, 2021