The Housing and Infrastructure Branch provides housing services to eligible clients through its Infinity Property Services division as well as housing stabilization supports to Métis citizens. The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) recognizes that proper housing supports Métis individuals, families, and communities in achieving their highest potential. The Housing and Infrastructure Branch’s mandate is to increase housing and related support options for Métis people across the housing continuum from homelessness to homeownership.

The Branch contributes to the MNO Statement of Prime Purpose by providing the care and support necessary to meet the fundamental needs of the citizens of the Métis Nation and by helping to develop prosperity and economic self-sufficiency within the Métis Nation. We see housing as not only a solution but also an opportunity to build the wealth of Métis citizens, communities, and the Métis Nation.

Through the Housing and Infrastructure Branch the MNO provides a variety of housing and homelessness services that MNO citizens can access. These include the rental, home repair, and property management services available through our Infinity Property Services division and the housing resource services that are provided through our Métis Housing Stabilization Program and our partnership with Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services.

CONTACT: For more information about the MNO’s Housing and Infrastructure programming and services please contact the MNO Head Office by phone at 613-798-1488 or Toll Free at 1-800-263-4889. For information about the Métis Housing Stabilization Program please email us at For information about the Emergency Repair Program please email us at Check out the MNO video program showcase to learn more about our programs and how they work!