So, you’ve decided that homeownership is right for you… now what?

This 3-part workshop series hosted by the MNO Financial Literacy Program will walk you through the homebuying process and what you need to know as you prepare to buy your first home.

The first 45-minute workshop covers budgeting for homeownership – understanding how your current budget will change once you become a homeowner, learning about the costs of buying and maintaining a home, and considering what you can do now to prepare your budget for homeownership.

The second workshop is all about the down payment – how much you need, where can it come from, and what supports exist to help you maximize your savings.

The third and final workshop dives into qualifying for a mortgage – understanding how mortgages work, what information you’ll need to provide, and how to overcome some of the common qualifying barriers.

Advanced registration is required to attend each workshop. You can attend some or all of the workshops, where prior attendance is not a pre-requisite for future workshops.

Use the links below to complete the registration process:

Wednesday April 5 @ 7:00pm (ET)
Part 1: Budgeting for Homeownership

Thursday April 13 @ 7:00pm (ET)
Part 2: Down Payment Savings

Tuesday April 25 @ 7:00pm (ET)
Part 3: Qualifying for a Mortgage