Years of relationship building through the MNO-Ontario Bilateral Process resulted in MNO and the Ontario Government signing the historic Ontario-Métis Nation Framework Agreement (Framework Agreement) in November 2008. The Framework Agreement marks a turning point in the Métis Nation’s history with the Province of Ontario. It marks the first time the Ontario Government formally recognized the unique history, rights and governance structures of the Métis people in the province. The Framework Agreement remains the only agreement of its kind in Canada.

The Framework Agreement is also an important foundational document for the Intergovernmental Relations Branch within MNO. It sets out a clearly defined and results-driven process for the MNO and the Ontario Government to work together to improve the well-being of Métis children, families, and communities, while also working to protect and promote the distinct culture, identity, and heritage of Métis people in Ontario. The Framework Agreement also encourages other Ontario Government Ministries to enter into Memorandums of Understanding with the MNO in order to support similar processes in other sectors.

Key initiatives and commitments in the Framework Agreement include:

  • the development of an ongoing political process between MNO leadership and the Ontario Government;
  • support for the MNO’s structures, operational capacity and financial management;
  • joint planning, collaboration and action on initiatives to improve the cultural, economic and social wellbeing of Métis people in Ontario;
  • the pursuit of reconciliation with Métis through the recognition of Métis rights and Ontario’s ongoing commitment to participate in a MNO-Canada-Ontario tripartite process.

Updated: April 6, 2020