One of the central purposes of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is to support and further the development of inclusive and democratic Métis self-government institutions to represent and advocate for the interests of the Métis people of Ontario. The overarching aspirations and goals of the MNO are articulated in the Statement of Prime Purpose. These values and principles are fundamental and guide the MNO’s governance and decision-making systems. The MNO is mandated by Métis citizens to represent them. In turn, the MNO negotiates Charter Agreements with Community Councils to represent MNO citizens in defined geographic areas. These Community Councils operate in accordance with written Charter Agreements at the local level and play a direct role in advancing the MNO’s overall values and goals for effective Métis self-government and economic development.

The Community Relations division of the Intergovernmental and Community Relations (IGCR) Branch is responsible for working with communities that do not currently have a council (or the council is inactive) to gauge local interest in forming a Community Council. Initial meetings are for information sharing and if warranted, an Interim Council is elected to set direction and find innovative ways of strengthening community relationships. Over the past year, the MNO leadership has been approached by citizens from a number of different regions of the province, expressing an interest in forming a new Community Council in their respective areas. Meetings and the election of Interim Councils have taken place in the Atikokan, Toronto and Peterborough area. We welcome these new Community Councils to the MNO family!


With funding from the province’s New Relationship Fund, Community Relations was able to provide long awaited training aimed at building core consultation capacity at the local, regional and provincial level. The goal of the training is to help the Councils develop the skills they need to ensure the MNO’s consultation model is effective. The Community Relations Division developed and delivered modules on “Community Governance” and “Community Finance and Administration” to more than two dozen Community Councils across the province. The Community Governance modules were developed by the Community Relations team based on years of experience working with Councils.

The training included a Council vision-setting exercises, tools for conflict resolution, tips for facilitating Council meetings, and much, much more. The Community Finance and Administration module was developed in collaboration with MNO’s Finance Branch. The goal of the training is to build the confidence of Councils and their Secretary-Treasurers to track Council expenses throughout the year, especially those related to consultation activities and the New Relationship Fund. Specific training included Council bookkeeping, information on how MNO is funded, guidance on developing year-end reports, tips for managing Council’s New Relationship Fund capacity budgets, and a toolkit full of forms for budgets, purchases and reporting.

If any citizen wishes to receive a copy of the materials provided during training, please contact your Council President.

Updated: April 6, 2020