Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 5

Roger Rose, Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 5

Dear Citizens of Region 5,

My name is Roger “Roddy” Rose, and I am honored to once again present myself as a candidate for the position of Region 5 Councillor. With a solid foundation of experience, having served on the Mattawa Council from 2008 to 2016, and a deep understanding of Métis rules and conduct, I am committed to the continued service and advancement of our community.

Over the past six years, I have dedicated myself to you, the citizens of Region 5, striving to make our region a better place for all. My tenure has been marked by a commitment to our collective journey towards Self-Government, a milestone I had the privilege to witness at my first PCMNO meeting. This experience reinforced my belief in the potential of our Métis Nation to not only serve but to thrive and make significant contributions to our collective success.

Leadership, to me, is about being forward-thinking and inclusive, qualities that have guided my actions and decisions throughout my time with PCMNO. My approach to leadership is characterized by a vision that respects and integrates our traditional Métis ways, ensuring that our community’s heritage is preserved while we navigate the future.

In the face of adversity, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to lead with grace and integrity, ensuring that every Métis voice is heard and respected within our community. My decisions are informed by listening attentively to the voices of Sudbury, North Bay, and Mattawa, ensuring that our actions reflect the collective will of our citizens.

Looking ahead, my vision encompasses a bright future for our youth, children, and grandchildren, ensuring a seamless integration with Bill C-53/Self-Government and a constitution that fosters prosperity for all. My lifelong residence in Region 5 has endowed me with a profound understanding of our local needs and challenges, particularly in critical areas such as forestry, mining, and environmental protection.

As we move forward, I am committed to safeguarding our land, water, and environment while promoting economic opportunities that benefit all citizens of Region 5. Your support is vital as we continue to build a community where our Métis heritage is celebrated, and every voice is valued.
I am Roger “Roddy” Rose, and I humbly ask for your vote to continue serving as your Region 5 Councillor.

Together, let’s build a future that honors our past while embracing the possibilities of tomorrow.

Roger Rose

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.
(705) 776-9429