Candidate for Vice-Chair

Ron LePage, Candidate for Vice Chair

I am a proud Métis descendant of the Trudeau and Beausoleil family lines that arrived in Penetanguishene at the Naval and Military Establishment now known as Discovery Harbour in 1828 as part of the contingent from Drummond Island. I have put my name forward for the PCMNO Vice-Chair position as I want to continue my family legacy of being actively involved with the Métis Nation of Ontario and the PCMNO. I wish to follow in the footsteps of my aunt Helen Bradley, one of the founders of the MNO and a former PCMNO Senator who worked with Tony Belcourt our of his attic to establish and build the Métis Nation of Ontario and that my sister Louise Goulding who served as PCMNO Region 7 Councilor and Region 7 Captain of the Hunt.

The role of PCMNO Vice Chair is a critical Executive role which is designed to assist the Chair by supporting the Chair with their duties. The Vice-Chair also supports processes to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that goals and decisions of the General Assembly and PCMNO are implemented and accomplished. These are but a few of the list of duties entrusted to the role of PCMNO Vice-Chair.

My history of serving in multiple Executive roles has prepared me for the journey as PCMNO Vice-Chair. My duties as the Chair of the Georgian Bay Métis council for the past 6 years, Chair of the Interim 2SLGBTQ+ Council and the Chair of the Resolutions Committee at the 2022 and 2023 AGA have complimented my long history of other Executive positions. I served in a full-time capacity for 7 years as the Vice President of OPSEU/SEFPO Local 329 at Waypoint Centre in Penetanguishene. During my time as an OPSEU/SEFPO member I also served at different times on the Human Rights Committee, the Indigenous Circle and the Rainbow alliance. I retired in 2020 after a 42 year career as a Registered Practical Nurse. During that time, I served for 8 years as the Central Region RPN Representative on the College Council of the College of Nurses of Ontario.

I understand the role of PCMNO Vice-Chair and in that capacity I am prepared to be a voice for all citizens of the Métis Nation of Ontario.

Ron LePage
(705) 527 5237