Leona Hass_The Wind Wielder
MNO citizen Leona Hass’ new book follows the journey of
a young girl as she overcomes her past and finds her true
strength. Click here to view a larger version.

Author and Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizen Leona Hass marks her debut into the world of fantasy literature with the release of The Wind Wielder, which is published by Xlibris. Drawing on her love of anime and manga, Hass weaves a tale of magic, drama and lesson-filled adventure. Hass is an elementary school teacher who took her own teaching advice, gathered her courage and self-published to show her students that any dream is possible. Hass currently lives with her family in the quiet, rural area in Ontario where she grew up.

The Wind Wielder takes place in a world where certain people are born with the ability to control the natural elements. The protagonist Selene is a seventeen-year-old wind elemental who seeks to uncover the truth behind her repressed memories. Along the way, she meets Jeremy and Lillian both of whom are trapped within a magical barrier. When Selene attempts to rescue them her own past trauma causes her elemental powers to manifest in destructive ways.

Breaking stereotypes in literature, the author has created a unique and strong female character who works through her own weaknesses to build herself up and save those around her. The Wind Wielder also covers pressing issues faced by young people, from sexual assault and bullying to suicide. The book seeks to help readers understand that no matter how dark their past they will always have the strength to overcome if they believe in themselves.

“Being a victim is not always something that is forced upon you from the outside, but sometimes we take on that role ourselves,” Hass says. “You can shed that mask and become the strong person you need to be to manifest your dreams.”

The Wind Wielder is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Published on: August 2, 2016