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The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has created a Back-to-School Kit for Métis families filled with supplies to ease the stress of returning to school during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Back-to-School Kits are for MNO citizens with children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Kits include a backpack, lunch box, reusable facemasks, hand sanitizer and more. The supplies included are either washable or single-use with refills. All Kit items are easy to use for any developmental age.

There are also Kits available for students ages 18-21 years who are attending a Special Education program at a high school. Since these kits come pre-assembled, parents will need to indicate how many children they are applying for and if they require a youth-sized mask or adult-sized mask. These kits are limited to 1 per child.

The program is available for children who meet the following criteria:

  • Parent and/or student will need to provide MNO Citizenship Card
  • Must reside in Ontario
  • Must be between the ages of 3 (born in 2016 and entering Junior Kindergarten) – 18 years old, or entering the grade 12 year or
  • Students attending a special education program at a high school who are 18-21 may also apply

The kits will be ready for distribution at the beginning of October. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the Back-to-School Kit to be delivered. Please note that for delivery, physical addresses will be required as the kits are being shipped through Purolator, and they do not deliver to P.O. boxes.

To receive your Back-to-School Kits, please apply at:

Apply Online Button

For more information, please contact

Please do not contact ELCC Support to request a kit or submit an application

Posted: September 11, 2020