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“Incomplete” files explained

As ballots for the Province-wide Plebiscite are arriving in mailboxes, many Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens have been asking, “what is an “incomplete” citizenship file?”

As of December 2022, 24,218 MNO citizenship files are “Complete.” This represents more than 82% of MNO’s citizenship. To be a Citizen of the MNO, the Registry Policy requires:

  • Self-Identification as Métis by signing the MNO Oath of Allegiance.
  • A genealogical chart tracing your lineage(s) to a documented Métis Ancestor as described in the Registry Policy.
  • Copies of genealogical documents supporting each link in the citizen’s genealogical chart. 

An “Incomplete” file does not meet the MNO’s current requirements for citizenship as set out in the MNO Bylaws and Registry Policy. As of December 2022, approximately 18% of MNO’s citizenship files are “Incomplete.” There are a few reasons why an MNO citizenship file could be “Incomplete.” 

a graphic showing Incomplete file numbers

Incomplete Files by the Numbers:
*As of December 2022

  • 172 have not signed the Oath of Allegiance.
  • 914 are missing a genealogical document such as a birth certificate. 
  • 5,313 lack a historical document or records evidencing an ancestral connection to a “Métis Ancestor” as defined by the Registry Policy.

Individuals may have become MNO citizens prior to 2004 when the definition of Métis was changed in MNO’s Registry Policy to reflect the Supreme Court of Canada’s R. v. Powley decision. As well, the MNO has not always had the necessary capacity to ensure all current requirements for MNO citizenship were met.

In 2017, the Registry Review was initiated to assess all MNO citizenship files, regardless of when citizenship was issued, based on the MNO’s current citizenship requirements. This review took nearly four years, including a great deal of coordination to help many citizens find missing documentation. The Registry Review was completed and publicly released in May 2021, which was an unprecedented act of transparency by an Indigenous government.

This plebiscite is about obtaining input from all our citizens on what we do next in our ongoing journey to advance Métis rights and self-government. It is your vote, your voice, and your rights at issue. Regardless of how you vote, please make sure you do.

Questions specific to the status of your MNO citizenship file, including questions about how to complete your file, can be sent to the MNO Registry Team via phone toll-free at 1-855-798-1006, local number 613-798-1006, or email at

More information is available at