Lafontaine, ON – November 16, 2009 — If you are over 55 and looking for a way to simplify your living conditions, you might consider Le Villageois, a new facility that has recently opened in Lafontaine. The board of the not-for-profit corporation consists of Métis citizens, with the majority of the persons securing units being Francophone Métis. Owners of the units are members of the corporation and hold the right to vote at the annual general meeting. The board of directors is made up of volunteers elected by members.

The community of Le Villageois is nestled on 43 acres, and offers an opportunity for retirement planning and capital appreciation similar to your single family home, plus a lifestyle free of worry about maintenance and security. Residents are free to travel, golf, or just enjoy the natural setting.

If you are seeking private, independent living in an active community designed as a rewarding, supportive and affordable place to live, Le Villageois’ conveniences and easy living might be the answer.

Contact Information

Le Villageois de Lafontaine

333 Lafontaine Rd. W.

Lafontaine, Ontario, L9M 1R3

Telephone & Fax:

(705) 533-0998

The Creation of Le Villageois

Land negotiations were completed and the project incorporated in 2001. By 2003 a feasibility study had been done and municipal land use approval was achieved. By the following year, the design drawings and outline of specifications were finished. The building permit was issued in August 2007, and construction commenced in September. Finally, an operating budget was approved in April 2009, and occupancy commenced in some units this fall.