Based on an article by Brea Bartholet

Métis Awareness Day at Durham CollegeMétis Fiddler Alicia Blore (Photo by Brea Bartholet)

Durham College recently opened an Aboriginal Student Centre on its Oshawa Campus.

The Centre celebrated its first Métis Awareness Day on January 26th, and invited all students and staff to participate and learn more about the Métis culture. Cecile Wagar, the Senator for the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Oshawa and Durham Métis Council, was in attendance and was happy to share traditional Métis food, jigging and fiddling fun with curious visitors. She also commented on the Métis artefacts and furs that were on display at the college during the festivities including the beaded moccasins and unique clothing items. Métis youth and fiddler Alicia Blore, played throughout the day and kept everyone very entertained.

These types of Métis awareness events are becoming more common in Ontario postsecondary institutions due to the work of the MNO and the Memorandum of Understanding between the MNO and the Ontario Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities.

Click the link below to view a YouTube video, posted by Brea Bartholet, of MNO Senator Wagar speaking at the celebration: