In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Powley decision, the Early Learning and Child Care team hosted an early learning illustration contest. We put a call out to Early Learning Métis artists to create a masterpiece in honour of this historic decision. We also asked the artists to provide a write-up answering the question, “What does harvesting mean to you?” Artists had the chance to win one of three prizes and to have their illustration and write-up displayed at the annual general assembly. 

We had many masterpieces submitted and reviewed by our team, and the three winners were selected:

0-4 Age Group:

  • Matilda Kelly, MNO Region 6

5- 8 Age Group:

  • Halladay Paterson, MNO Region 6

9-12 Age Group:

  • Benjamin Marcil, MNO Region 1

We would also like to honourably mention the runners-ups!:

  • Brooklyn B.
  • Aurora F.
  • Harper B.
  • Jada B.
  • Isabella M.
  • Beatrix P.
  • Delia C-K.
  • Desmond K.
  • Oliver L.
  • Grace K.
  • Harper B.
  • Malcolm S.