Submitted by: Senator Micheline Boisvert

Chapleau Schools
MNO Senator Micheline Boisvert hosting a drumming workshop during the
Chapleau Children’s Pow Wow.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Chapleau Métis Council recently participated for the third time in the annual Chapleau Children’s Pow Wow.

As part of the Children’s Pow Wow, MNO Senator Micheline Boisvert visited schools throughout the area to educate students on Métis culture and traditions. She discussed who the Métis are, Métis life and Métis culture.

Senator Bosivert showcased her Seven Grand Father drum and held a drumming workshop for 20 students. Some of the children played the hand drum for the first time. Senator Boisvert and students also sang along to Métis Voyageur songs.

At the end of the workshop, a Grade 4 student was chosen to carry the Métis flag for the closing ceremony. In return, the Council provided her with a Métis sash.

Senator Boisvert felt very honoured to be given the opportunity to educate the students on Métis way of life. To show her gratitude, she offered friendship bracelets to all the children and medicine bags for the teachers.