Newly appointed MNO Interim Sunset Country Métis Council. (Left to right) front
row is Roz Calder, Interim Chair; Val Pelepetz, Interim President; and Yvonne
Langlais, Interim Women’s Rep. Back row: Wade Nelson, Interim Councillor;
Vaughn Murray, Interim Councillor; John George, Interim Senator; and Eric
Fagerdahl Interim Councillor. Missing is Roger Gerhard, Interim Councillor.

On March 19, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) held a community meeting in Fort Frances where a new Interim MNO Sunset Métis Council was appointed.

The meeting resulted in the implementation of a new direction for the Council and found innovative ways to strengthening community relationships in order to build a strong and sustainable partnership with all concerned citizens. In order to accomplish this, a new Interim Council was selected to lead the community until a community election can be called on November 29, 2014.

The new Interim MNO Sunset Country Métis Council members are: Val Pelepetz, Interim President; Roz Calder, Interim Chair; John George, Interim Senator; Yvonne Langlais, Interim Women’s Rep; Roger Gerhad, Interim Councillor; Wade Nelson, Interim Councillor; Eric Fagerdahl, Interim Councillor; and Vaughn Murray, Interim Councillor.

MNO President Gary Lipinski was in attendance to welcome the new Council as well as provide thoughts and insight into the direction of the MNO for 2014 and beyond. President Lipinski also provided an update on the progress of important Métis rights legal cases.

The meeting provided the opportunity for MNO citizens to not only appoint a new Council, but to develop a comprehensive work plan for the future, a plan that brings action to the immediate priorities while providing a framework for the long-term work. Attendees also shared their thoughts and provided feedback.