Metis Citizens, Leaders and Friends

At our Annual General Assembly August 21-23, 2010, in Thunder Bay the Assembly passed the resolution below, opposing the Government of Canada’s plans to eliminate the mandatory long-form census and replace it with a voluntary form. The long-form census is especially important for Métis because it is used in many ways to make our voices heard in dealing with government and industry. The article below describes some of the efforts being undertaken to convince the government it should reverse its decision. We would like to urge you to add your voice to the growing chorus of opposition to the census changes by sending one or both of the sample letters attached to the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and/or to your own Member of Parliament.

Minister Clement’s mailing address is included with the sample letter or you can e-mail him at: The mailing addresses and e-mail addresses for Members of Parliament can be found at this site.

If you are interested in other efforts to oppose the changes to the census, more information is available at this website:

I thank you in advance for any assistance given to push important Metis issues forward.

Gary Lipinski
President, Métis Nation of Ontario

Resolution 4: Reinstatement of the Statistics – Canada Census Long Form

BE IT RESOLVED that the 2010 MNO Annual General Assembly direct the PCMNO to Raise Opposition to the Short Form Census documents pending in the fall of 2010, and lobby the Federal Government to reinstate the Long Form Census document.

Moved by: Ralph Brown
Seconded by: Marlene Davidson