MNO Thames-Bluewater Métis Council brings back Fall Harvest Hampers


(L-R: Treasurer Carol Gemme, Chair Steve Shales, President Kathleen Anderson, Youth Rep Kaitlyn Anderson-Mitchell, Colleen Reiners, Riley Handsor, Jennifer Handsor, Myrna Slater)

The Métis community came together for the Thames Bluewater Métis Council’s (TBWMC) largest ever Fall Harvest Hamper giveaway on Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Over 175 people and 53 families claimed food hampers from the community project, which included fall harvest staples such as potatos, onions, carrots, oats, honey, apples, chicken and ground beef. Much of the food was purchased from local small businesses.

“This is our fourth community hamper project since the start of COVID-19,” commented TBWMC President Kathleen Anderson. “Community members were most appreciative with the help given that food prices continue to rise, some are living on small pensions, and COVID-19 continues to cause problems for our citizens.”

The fall harvest hamper success was a collective effort, but special thanks goes out to the TBWMC, including Councillor Hooker, Secretary Rath, Chair Shales, Youth Rep Anderson-Mitchell, Treasurer Gemme, President Anderson, and the MNO citizens who came out to show their support and volunteered for the event.