wellness kitAn image of the Infinite Potentials Strategy “Wellness Kit”

While this summer was unconventional in many ways, a group of determined Métis youth made the most of the traditional leisure period by volunteering their time and talents to an inspiring initiative – the creation and distribution of the popular “Wellness Kits.”

The Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council’s (MNOYC) Infinite Potentials Strategy (IPS) program allows Métis youth from across the province to build meaningful relationships with one another while connecting with their communities. According to program organizers, “[IPS] helps youth develop their leadership, personal and professional skills and empowers them to collaboratively explore and celebrate their Métis identity.”

IPS is comprised of five core “working groups” each highlighting a distinct subject meaningful to Métis youth, including: Health and Wellbeing, Environment, Nation Building, Language and Culture, and Education.

“Last year the Health and Wellbeing group came up with the idea of creating a Métis youth Wellness Kit,” said Melissa St. Amant, former Project Coordinator for Infinite Potential Strategy. “We first launched our wellness kits at the 2019 Youth Conference and Métis youth really seemed to enjoy them so we revised them to include more products. IPS youth thought it would be good to give out free kits to Métis youth across the province especially during the pandemic because they want to promote health and wellbeing.”

The kit features an array of items to promote health and well-being, including a USB stick full of wellness resources, work-out gear, spa items, seeds, beads, reusable straws, games, and many more. Métis artist Dylan Miner created the graphics used on many of the products.

All 80 of the Wellness Kits were quickly claimed and distributed to the community throughout the province. The MNOYC hopes to create more of these kits in the future, and invites anyone who has received a kit to share their pictures with infinitepotentials@metisnation.org, or on social media channels using the tag @mnoyc.