Healthy food items were the prizes for Nutrition Bingo at
the MNO office in Windsor on Jan. 22. Click here to view
a larger version of this picture.

Submitted by Audrey Bayliss, MNO Community Wellness Coordinator

Ten people gathered to play Nutrition Bingo at the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) office in Windsor, on Jan. 22.

To play, participants designed their own bingo cards during a discussion on healthy food choices.

Everyone was given the Canada’s Food Guide Eat Well Plate, which shows how a healthy meal should be divided into fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein, as well as a booklet from the Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program called Your Health Matters.

Participants were encouraged to discuss the booklet and plate with their family and friends to help spread knowledge on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

All participants had the opportunity to win a variety of food items to take home and prepare healthy meals for themselves or their families.

The event was hosted by MNO Community Wellness Program and Family Wellbeing Program.

MNO Community Wellness Coordinator Audrey Bayliss and MNO Métis Family Wellbeing Coordinator Layne Hoskins already plan to work on designing a similar event next winter to bring participants together during the bleak mid-winter weather and provide nutritional reminders on how to prepare and eat a holistic diet.

Posted: March 4, 2019