The Métis Nation of Ontario is excited to be hosting the Otawn: Fall Youth Way of Life Workshop Series virtually, through the Zoom platform, across the province this November.

Five single session workshops will immerse youth in Métis culture and way of life and allow participants to explore different skills.

Participants can choose the workshops they would like to attend, whether it be one, some or all sessions. In order to receive the supplies for their session, all forms must be completed. Access to technology and reliable internet is required to participate in the camp.

The Way of Life Workshops

  • Knot Tying – Whether you are tying on a lure, tying up a boat or starting a beading project, the skill of knot tying could greatly improve your chances of success. Join us for this one session workshop, learning the skill and purpose of various types of knots and how they have been vital to the Métis culture and way of life. Thursday, November 19th– 7-9pm
  • A Stitch in Time – Embroidery- At one time, embroidery was as popular to Métis culture as beadwork. Step back in time and create as our ancestors did. Participants will learn various stiches as they complete a start to finish project. Saturday November 21st-10am-12 pm
  • A Stitch in Time – Beading- The Métis are known as the flower beadwork people. Continuing in this tradition, participants will learn various techniques as they complete a start to finish project. Saturday November 21st-1-3pm
  • A Very Métis Christmas – Birch bark Ornament- Add a little Métis spirit to the holiday season. Participants will learn how to make a charming faux birch bark ornament to decorate home or gift to another. Saturday, November 28th– 10-12pm
  • A Very Métis Christmas – Blanket Stitch Stocking Ornament- The blanket stitch has been used throughout Metis culture to create sturdy and warm clothing, bags and blankets. This stitch is versatile, both utilitarian and decorative. Join us in creating a cozy Christmas stocking ornament to adorn your home or tree. Saturday, November 28th– 1- 3 pm


  • Self-identify as Métis
  • Enrolled and attending high school within the province of Ontario
  • In grades 10, 11, 12 (age 15-18)
  • Provide a letter of support from a teacher/guidance counsellor or Métis community council member and a letter of motivation.
Friday, November 9, 2020

While the format is different from past years, we have created a camp that connects Métis youth to their culture and lets them practice traditional skills in their own communities. The Otawn camp engages youth through interactions with Métis knowledge-holders, PCMNO Senators, MNO staff and facilitators in events/activities that will span the duration of the camp.

Space is limited, so please register and complete the application as soon as possible. Participants can access the Metis Nation of Ontario Application Portal at

Cortnee Buchanan (Project Coordinator) or
(705) 527-3523

Posted October 22, 2020