Dear MNO Citizens,

As we enter July and are enjoying what summer has to offer, we are also commemorating the 20th anniversary of our historic Harvesting Agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This agreement, the first of its kind, paved the way for future negotiations and reinforced the importance of preserving the Métis way of life.

We recently celebrated the swearing-in of your newly elected PCMNO and appointed Provincial Secretaries. This step in our journey towards self-government is grounded in our dedication to building a future of unity and self-determination. With mandate letters issued to our new PCMNO members, we have set clear priorities for the next four years.

Introducing Provincial Secretaries, Associate Secretaries, and PCMNO Liaisons will ensure enhanced communication and engagement between our advisory councils and the PCMNO. With the support of all our Provincial Secretaries, I am confident that our government will be able to strengthen our capacity to serve and advocate for our citizens.

Significant advancements have also been made in our housing initiatives. Through the federal Urban Rural and Indigenous Housing Strategy, we have secured funding for housing programs, services, and builds, with additional funds expected over the next seven years. Our Housing Stabilization & Homelessness Supports Program has secured $3.51 million in funding until the end of the 2027-2028 fiscal year. Our affordable housing projects in Midland and Kenora are advancing, and we are supporting citizens interested in becoming Licensed Home Child Care providers.

This summer, we launched the Babysitter’s Club for youth in Grades 7-9, teaching valuable skills in child development and cultural activities. Upcoming events include the Great Rendezvous at Fort William Historical Park July 12-14, the Annual Teacher’s Workshop July 18-19, and the Summer Break Youth Cultural Camp for Grade 10-12 at Awenda Provincial Park August 4-9. Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for further details.

I want to finish off by once again encouraging all of you to stay connected and informed through our Ontario Métis Facts website. Our staff are hard at work updating and compiling information about our history, culture, and ongoing initiatives. Please also follow our social media pages for stories from across our communities.

At the MNO we are dedicated to advancing the rights and interests of Métis communities across Ontario through collaboration and mutual respect. Together, we have achieved so much, and our continued efforts will advance Métis rights and self-government in Ontario for future generations.

I hope you all enjoy what Ontario has to offer this summer!

Thank you,

Margaret Froh
President, Métis Nation of Ontario